HEALTHY! Make it more than just a wish.


                                                   It is the first month of the year, and for most people, it means that time in life that you look back and reflect, look and behold the present, and then finally contemplate about the future. Word has it that this contemplation of the future has so much to do with wanting to be healthier. In fact, it is one of the common resolutions (if not the most) people make every first month of the year. Sadly, for most, they do dream to be healthier, but they are not willing to actually live that life.

See, being healthy is not a one-day-wake-up thing that just happens. Sure enough, for some people, they are naturally blessed with a body that does not need much pampering and losing to shape up, but the truth is, we do have the capacity to make our bodies what we want them to be.

Attitude:  How you view yourself means a lot in relation to how you carry yourself and how you treat yourself. Loving yourself for who you are is a great way of keeping positive. Staying positive can help you yield results you never imagined, just because you steered away from the depressing negative thoughts and comments, because in the end, what other people think about you is none of your business.

Effort: Make time for that reflection and contemplation, and identify any changes that you really would love to make. If something bugs you, and you have the capacity to do something about it, then get out there and do it. Step out of your comfort zone and make that conscious effort to change. For instance, if you feel that you are not fit, and yet there are things you know you can do to take care of that situation, get up and do it; the morning or evening jogs, the rope skipping, the body stretches et cetera. If you know you have the capacity to avoid malnutrition, eat better, exercise, and build up your body.

Eat right: This is another area where you really need to be true to yourself and treat your body like the beautiful masterpiece it really is. There are numerous institutions dedicated to research on this, right next door. We see all the advocacy messages on eating well, some can even access the information with a simple swipe of a finger. Books with up-to-date information are available in many forms.  Community based strategies have also been placed to ensure the spread of the food gospel to every man, woman and child. HOWEVER: The choice to listen and live, or to look the other way is entirely up to us.  Several guides have been provided to make this choice easier to make. An example is the food guide pyramid, which illustrates the different kinds of food, and shows the recommended intake for each group.                                                  Image

Feel free to experiment, try out foods, and have fun while enjoying new experiences. Get together with a group of your friends and share ideas and recipes. Try out something nutritious and new, and see how it turns out. Avoid highly refined foods and processed foods; give your body a natural treat.

Exercise your body: It is a good way to build up good muscle in the body and at the same time ensure fitness, since the more active the organs and parts, the better working condition they will be in.

Commitment: To achieve great results when pursuing a worthwhile course, one needs total commitment. No pain, no gain, right?

Set off this year with a commitment to your body and to your health, and live out that life you so much want to live. It all starts with a deliberate effort, and before you know it, it is your daily routine, and then it is your life. Determination and persistent are vital ingredients to this great recipe.

Being healthy is a lifestyle. Don’t just wish it, live it!


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