Food &Your Baby

There goes the big question every new mother asks, either herself or other more seasoned counterparts. The same way, there goes the humongous mountain of advice they will get; some sensible, some hilarious and some even ridiculous.

However, what every new mother needs to know is that as daunting as it seems, creativity and attitude are the major things when it comes to this sector.

The current health guidelines direct that a baby should feed on only breast milk for the first six months. Weaning then follows; using various foods and strategies to ensure that not only does the baby grow healthy but also loves their food.

Great starters are cereals like rice, millet and maize, as they have a low allergy rate. Starches like bananas, potatoes, pumpkin and butternut are also great starters. These are served when mashed, to ease passage through your baby’s delicate system and also for ease of absorption. Give between two to three tablespoons to the baby at each feed, and increase gradually, depending on your baby’s appetite.

Be sure to introduce each food separately, giving space in between of about 3 days, so that you are able to pin point any adverse reactions to certain foods. This will also give you a chance to learn about your baby’s preference.

Beans, green-grams, lentils, amaranth and soy are great protein sources for babies, and so are animal sources like meat.

Include dark leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and amaranth to boost iron levels as the iron in breast milk is not usually sufficient for babies above 6 months of age. Other vegetables like carrots, green beans, broccoli are also nutrient packed and are a pretty sight for a baby’s eyes.


Spice up mealtime also with healthy fruits like apples, avocado, pawpaw, banana, oranges etc. These taste great and are packed with vital vitamins for good growth and protection against diseases. (Immune boosting)

As your baby grows, and they learn about play, you will have to supplement depleted energy reserves from time to time. This you will accomplish with snacks in between meals. This also helps the body to regulate its sugar and nutrient levels better thus avoiding sugar spikes and lows.

Great and healthy snacks include fruits, yoghurt, milk, breads, freshly squeezed fruit juice etc. There are so many healthy tit bits that you can give as snacks, you just have to be informed and creative enough to play around with them to offer your baby health and fun all in one plate.


High allergy foods like nuts, egg whites and some wheat products are to be avoided until your baby is at least one year, so as to reduce the chances of your baby developing an allergy toward them.

Keep it here for several sequels giving you ideas on great and fun meals to give your baby.

Have Fun!!


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