Some Great Snacks for Kids This Holiday

The holidays are here!! This is the longest holiday in the school calendar, and as usual it means play, play and some more play! And it also means that parents have to get their creativity going in the food sector, so as to keep it ‘not boring’, fun but healthy! The good news is that great ideas are everywhere, and this is one of the places.


A glass of yoghurt is an awesome choice! Yoghurt is a great source of protein and calcium. It also works to strengthen the immune system as well. Say bye to digestion dramas once you include this in their day too. Various brands and flavors of yoghurt are available so it’s up to their taste buds I guess!




Nuts are also an excellent choice for a snack, not only for kids but adults as well. They give calories which are needed for energy for play and other activities. On top of that they also have essential oils that help in brain development, maintenance of membranes and maintenance of good cholesterol. Nuts are also rich in zinc which helps to boost the kids’ immune system. Give your kids some peanuts, almonds walnuts, cashew nuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.



Milk Shakes

Not only are Milk shakes tasty and awesomely cool, they also offer a great package of nutrients in one flavored glass; especially if you include slices or cubes of fresh fruit. Protein and vitamins go into your kids’ system with every cooling sip. You can also spice it up with asprinkle of sweet smelling cardamom or ginger.

Ps; Do not be overly indulgent with these, as they contain a lot of sugar, unless you blend them at home with minimal sugar.


You can serve fruits as a snack in different ways. You can serve it as a whole fruit, as mixed pieces in a bowl (fruit salad) or as fruit juice. Spruce up the vitamin packed serving with a little yoghurt to give it a creamy taste.


Sandwichesveggie sandwich

Both veggie and meat sandwiches are tasty. Use whole meal bread as the base. Add some lettuce and tomatoes and some minced beef. You can add a little olive oil or avocado to give additional energy and essential oils. Put in the toaster and let it heat. Serve with a glass of milk or freshly squeezed fruit juice.


Fruit in porridge

Instead of serving boring porridge, add some cubes of slightly sour but tasty fruit into the porridge bowl. Also add a sprinkle of spice like ginger or cardamom. With every spoonful, there will be a delicious surprise waiting. Trust me, they will take that formerly ‘boring porridge’, spoonful after delicious spoonful.porridge & fruit


To Note:

  • Keep the sugar to a minimum, and always prefer natural sugars e.g. from fruits.
  • Always ensure your kids wash their hands before eating
  • Avoid fatty snacks like French fries and deep fried chicken chunks as they tend to build up bad cholesterol in your kids’ bodies and brig on obesity and diabetes in future.

Have a great, fun and healthy holiday!!



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