The irresistible mango has been in season for a while. The thought of a mango sends saliva dripping, doesn’t it?

Well, more often than not, we enjoy the fantastic bright fruit without remembering what it does for our bodies.

  1. Antioxidant rich- several antioxidants are present in the mango, and we all know what they do for us: Keep Cancer Away!!!
  2. The high levels of fiber and pectin in mango help to reduce serum cholesterol, especially the LDL, keeping your heart healthy. The fiber also helps in digestion as well.
  3. The mango is also very good for skin cleaning as it unclogs the pores, so say bye-bye to pimples…
  4. The bright color of the mango depicts the richness in Vitamin A, meaning that a mango a day, keeps the eye all OK!
  5. Great for your sex drive- The Vitamin E in the mango is responsible for this. Studies have shown that a good balance of Vitamin E in the body is beneficial for your sex drive.

How about that mango today?


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