Angela Wali is a qualified and registered nutritionist based in Nairobi. I love doing what I’m doing, and that is taking care of your health interests.

When it comes to nutrition matters, there’s so much information out there that is quite overwhelming to the public, and so I have taken it upon myself to sift through, research and bring you the latest nutrition information relating to different issues.

The quote “You are what you Eat” sums is all. So whatever, your health concern your food is your medicine, and the best thing is that, food is available at every turn. Lucky for you, I am here to guide you through the journey of discovering yourself, your appetite, your body and total well-being.

I am a happy-go-lucky person,but I have no compromise when it comes to food and your health. When I work with my clients, we have a lot of fun together, and that way, they get to achieve their different health goals with ease, whether it’s weight loss, weight gain, child nutrition, food allergies etc.

I have a network of referrals as I work together with like-minded health proffesionals whose goal is nothing but ‘great health for you’, so rest assured, no concern of yours will be left unaddressed!

That said, I look forward to meeting you readers, virtually or physically, and I look forward to learning from you, much as you will learn from me!


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